Thursday, August 10, 2006

day 34

I was unable to get out into the grapes tonight because Mrs. Z was working late, so I was home with the young Zs. No matter. Sausage making proceeded for real this evening, stuffed two casings with two pounds each of the summer sausage meat. Fried up a patty to taste . . . this is going to be good! Because the Bradley smoker is a fairly short unit, I cut off a couple of inches of casing from the 20 inch length, so these puppies will end up being about 15 inches or so.

I also cut the dowels to hang them from in the smoker. Everything proceeds tomorrow morning when I get back from the grapes. We also got a small turkey to smoke at the same time--with six hours of smoke, I hate to waste any of it. So we'll have turkey for the weekend as well.

Guess that's about it. The little 70s grinder that could is earning its keep these days. In the woods tomorrow at 0530, sunrise in Lodi is 0612.

And that's confessions of a deer sniper.


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