Monday, August 07, 2006

day 31

Hard to believe I've been at this a month.

Tonight: nada. Nothing. Zilch. Either these deer are wise to me, or it's just too damn hot for them to move around. Tonight I was buzzed (within my air conditioned coccoon, of course) by a flock of horseflies that were as big as birds! hummingbirds, anyway. They kept banging into the windows and doors of the truck. Weird. Fortunately for me Bambi's mom didn't put in an appearance which would have forced me to go out into nature and confront the buggers.

Maybe that's what kept Bambi's mom away.

There's a chance of a morning hunt or two this week, however. Mrs. Z has a light week at work, and with the predicted cool weather, it could be good timing to get out there in the am and see what's moving around.

Getting ready to make a batch of venison summer sausage in the smoker. Will keep the loyal readership posted.

That's confessions of this deer sniper.


Blogger Ernie said...

Horseflies you say? You know they only hang around horses assholes, don't you? I know during the regular hunting you should not shower up with a fragrent soap before going afield but maybe at this time of year you may choose to through caution "to the wind" and try lathering up before hand.
Thru summer sausage huh? You going to add jalopeno and cheddar to the mix? One of the guys here did that a little while ago and it was to die for, good stuff. Hope it all works out and leep the posts posting!

Tue Aug 08, 09:21:00 AM 2006  

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