Thursday, August 10, 2006

day 33

Well, last night was another bust deer-wise, but I did manage to do a bit more hedge clipping up the woods line for a better view. The loyal reader suggests that perhaps the deer have figured out that I'm there, and that's probably true. With the cool weather I'm back out of the truck, so that's good. I'm thinking of setting up down below the newly planted grapes and watching out over the clover where I've previously seen deer. The other thing is that I'm hoping to get out tomorrow morning. Mrs. Z is taking the day off from work, and so there will be no rush to get back home so she can go to work.

Sausage making progresses. This morning I thawed 4 lbs of last fall's venison burger, and then I added just under a half pound of pork fat that I got from the T'burg butcher a couple of weeks ago. Added the spices and cure (upping the spices 1/3, the pre-packed stuff always seems a bit tame), and right now the whole thing is resting in the frig. Turns out I don't have large enough mixing bowls to handle the job, had to use a big Farberware soup pot to mix the stuff. So bigger mixing bowls will be on the Christmas list this year.

If I go deer sniping tonight, I'll smoke the sausage tomorrow. If Mrs. Z gets home late tonight, maybe I'll smoke it tonight. Everything I'm reading calls for about a six hour smoke. Can't wait. Yum yum.

That's confessions of a deer sniper.


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