Sunday, August 13, 2006

day 37

Tonight I got a real late start on the woods--Mrs. Z had to work this afternoon, and when she got home at 7:15 I debated whether to go or not. Then, figuring the only time the deer will show up is when I'm not there, I went ahead. But . . . no deer tonight either. I did manage to explore a bit more of the property, it was pretty cool again, and that was nice. But no deer.

On the sausage front . . . one of the two pound sticks is gone already. Between me and my eldest daughter, it's history. Gonna have to smoke some more pretty soon.

That's confessions of a deer sniper.


Blogger Ernie said...

Man did I have a lot of catching up to do. Haven't checked in since Wednesday I think cause of getting ready to go to the glenn for the races. Could you have cut your sausage casings in half and have made 4 sticks to hang? I only ask because I have never done them myself. May have gotten ridof the "unsightly rack marks" but better yet would have given you 4 sticks. I know the amount of meat is the same but I find that if you bring 1 1lb stick to the party it seems to go just as quickly as 1 2 lb stick. The more you bring the quicker it goes. Anyways happy snipping!

Mon Aug 14, 10:40:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Frank Zappai said...

hope the race was fun. Good idea about the 1 lb sticks--these fibrous casings are kind of expensive, hate to cut 3" off. Cutting them exactly in half may be the trick. If I can find some shorter casings pre-cut that would be ideal.

If I get my act together I'll smoke up a whole batch (20 pounds?) and bring some up for beer camp.

Tue Aug 15, 12:26:00 PM 2006  

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