Friday, August 04, 2006

day 28

Vassili here. I've given up trying to write a daily account, especially when it's 96 degrees in the shade as it was Wednesday and Thursday this week. Needless to say, I gave deer sniping a rest this week.

But we were back at it again this evening. Beautiful 80 deg weather, a slight breeze that eventually disappeared, and a good book to read in the truck. While I didn't see any deer, I did have two tourists walk through the firing zone on their trek around the vineyards following a scrumptious dinner at Dano's. So I talked to them for a while and showed them around the winery building. Turns out the husband knows a colleague of mine from my "day job." Small world.

So, no deer were seen. Mrs. Z has the Cayuga Lake Triathlon all weekend long, so I'll be home with the little Zs and supporting the race effort in that way. While Mrs. Z has given me the option of deer sniping in the morning, I'm coming to realize that weekends are a busy time around the vineyard, and that a better morning strategy would be early in the week any given week, say, Monday or Tuesday. So I'm passing on sniping in the morning. But rest assured that Vassili will find something deer-related to do tomorrow, and with luck will write about it.

Until then . . . that's confessions of a deer sniper.


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