Saturday, September 02, 2006

day 57

Well, one more deer to go.

Spent the day today grinding burger and wrapping steaks--that is, after going out for geese this morning. The geese didn't cooperate, however, although I did get to see the loyal reader make a spectacular 50+ yard shot on a goose as it was flying straightaway. It's always good to have loyal readers who can shoot. You never know when some misanthropic animal rights wacko from India is hiding in the bushes.

Anyway. The loyal reader loaned me his muy grande 1/3 horsepower electric meat grinder, and boy did that make short work of the job this afternoon. All told I bagged 25 pounds or so of burger meat, destined to become this fall's sausage. Yummy. So I'm a believer now in more power for the grinder--you know what will be on Vassili's Christmas list this year.

Hurricane Ernesto is in the middle of dumping an inch or two of rain on us right now. As soon as the ground dries out I will likely be back in the grapes for one more try at Doe Number Three. If it happens I think I'd like to get it out of the way before grouse season starts on the 20th of September. If I leave for my annual hunting Odyssey to Michigan and Wisconsin, the nuisance deer sniping will be over come October 5. So . . . time will tell if I can put one more in the freezer.

The loyal reader is saving me wrapping countless packages of butterfly chops as he has volunteered to cook a manly man's backstraps steak breakfast for whomever shows up tomorrow morning for goose hunting. I told him I'd bring along the most recent backstraps and my favorite jamaican jerk rub for him to sample. Should be a fun morning all around.

And that's confessions of a deer sniper. May the geese fly low.


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