Monday, July 24, 2006

day 18

Once again we were back in the field taking advantage of the relatively cool weather. A big cold front came through Saturday, flooding everything in sight, and yesterday and today were beautiful. It was 80 deg. F down in the vineyard at 7pm this evening.

But saw nothing. Nada. A big fat zippo.

But not to worry. Photos have been developed, which should make this a much sexier blog (if blogger's photo uploading function ever works again, which today doesn't seem likely). But here goes nothing.

Truck in Position "A"

Here is where I set up for an evening of deer sniping. Vineyard grapes can be seen to the left, the woods the deer come out of are beyond the truck.

The View from Position "A"

Here is a view looking over the truck bed to the spot where Bambi's mom died. I was standing a bit closer to the cab, she was left of the picnic table and beyond, past the pond.

That's confessions of a deer sniper.


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