Saturday, July 22, 2006

day 16

Got a late start today at the meat packing business. Managed to get the hamburger ground up and packaged, but it took a while. Gonna ask Mrs. Z for a new grinder for Christmas--my 1970s era hand me down doesn't sound all that strong or confident, and it lacks power. I also cut up and wrapped the steaks. Only thing left tomorrow is to slice up and butterfly the back straps (or maybe I'll leave them whole, who knows) and figure out what to do with the damn flank meat. My guess is that flank meat is the reason they invented sausage.

That's about it. Haven't discarded the carcass yet, which is bagged and in a garbage can in the mudroom. Thursday is trash day, which seems pretty far off given the heat. Could be a trip to the swamp is in order--I just don't want the dogs to get at it. That will happen tomorrow as well. Then it's back to deer sniping.

And that's confessions of a deer sniper.


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