Thursday, July 20, 2006

day 14

I spent day 14 mostly getting the butchering space ready--cleaning up clutter, sweeping and mopping the floor, getting organized. I did go to the hardware store to get a nice solid screw hook from which to hang the hoist. So we're basically ready to go. Kids are out of town, and I can spread out if necessary.

And that's confessions of a deer sniper--which sounds stupid when there's so little to say. But the readers demand it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to the kids wanting to witness the final skinning? I was wrong yesterday I only have 4 plates, course, medium and fine. They work great for grinding up for hamburger or sausage. Call ahead if you are comming up the number is 315-568-6710 as I'm not sure the times I'll be around this weekend. Still have to go back to the old house for a couple of thigs but if I know when your going to be there I'll work around that. Thanks for the correct sign off!

Fri Jul 21, 01:22:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Frank Zappai said...

Ernie, thanks. I'll try the grinder I have first thing in the morning. If it looks like it's not going to cut it (yuck yuck), then I'll give you a buzz and we'll figure out a time for me to come up. I assume this grinder will do alright, I've got the three plates as well, just not the super fine one. I had thought about trying to make some summer sausage with this one, which is a finer grind than regular burger. But regular burger will be okay for now.

And actually I'm glad I put this off until the kids were gone, that would have been a hassle for the first time doing this.

Fri Jul 21, 09:09:00 PM 2006  

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