Tuesday, July 18, 2006

day 12

Well, what successful deer snipers do on their day off is to let their deer age. So that's what I'm doing. Aging my deer. In the cooler. While I wait. It's hard work.

Anyway. The plan is to butcher the doe on Friday after Mrs. Z and the Zlets are out of here for the weekend to visit friends in Saratoga. Because I've got three full days to myself and cool weather in the forecast, I'll probably get out to do some more deer sniping even if there's still some carcass left in the fridge.

Tomorrow's plan if all goes well is to take the kids up to Auburn and visit Bass Pro for some last minute butchering tools: burger bagger, fine grinding plate for making summer sausage, maybe one or two other items.

That's about it. Gotta get back to aging my deer . . . .


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