Sunday, July 09, 2006

day 3

No sniping today, the vineyard owner busy with the tasting room during the day and an awful lot of weekend traffic on the driveway down to the lake cottages below the vineyard. So I figured it would be best to wait for a weekday to try a morning hunt.

Not that we wasted time today. I made three pounds of venison pepperoni jerky from ground meat from last season's deer (that is, I started with three pounds, it probably dries down to about a pound or so). That and during the afternoon smoked a two pound venison roast in the smoker, seasoned with garlic salt and covered with bacon. It smoked for about 2 hours with hickory smoke until it reached an internal temperature of 145 deg. F, at which time I pulled the roast, wrapped it tight in foil and let it sit. Several hours later warmed it back up, cut into it, and umm umm good, roast venison rare! man, that's good.

Tomorrow morning's hunt is likely postponed due to predicted rain, plus Mrs. Z wants to go swimming early in the morning before work, so I'm likely not doing a morning hunt until Wednesday or Friday. But could be an evening hunt tomorrow, who knows.

Right now a beautiful orange moon, nearly full I'd say, and a clear sky.


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